Magnificent Moles of Mede Meadow

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Make a magical journey with the moles of Mede Meadow as Mozie learns to accept herself, Meander embraces courage, Morven witnesses a meteor shower, Myrilla finds musical friends, Malene enters an art contest, Molfred takes to the stage, and Merinda meets Morley. . . .

Imaginative, humorous, and transformative, nine adventure stories about a family of moles, each of whom has a challenge to face or a creative talent to actualize, entice young and old alike. Vocabulary words starting with “m” stretch the minds of young readers in every chapter. Includes a song, “Myrilla’s Melody,” with sheet music.

Marvelous, mesmerizing, magnificent!


1. A Missive for the Moles of Mede Meadow
2. Mozie and the Monarchs
3. Meander’s Mishap
4. Morven and the Meteor Shower
5. Myrilla and the Music Makers
6. Malene’s Montages
7. Molfred and the Mole Mummers
8. Merinda’s Marriage
9. A Missive from the Moles of Mede Meadow

Competitive analysis:  Similar to Wind in the Willows, the book works for various age levels.  The story will appeal to those who are interested in creativity and self awareness.


Magical, memorable moments were spent mulling over the multi-faceted lives of the magnificent moles of Mede Meadow. Sweet stories complete with handy lexicon for many words with “m” alliteration. Mighty hard to decide which mole impressed me most! Am sharing copies with many young family and friends. Mary Remmel Wohlleb

 Sweet book focusing on words that begin with the letter “m” to tell a story about the adventures of individual members of a “mole” family. Kids will love the story and learning new words. Marie Procter

 Awesome book!!!! Barney Fyffe

Magnificent Moles of Mede Meadow is a magical storybook. It follows a year in the lives of Merinda, Molfred, Malene, Myrilla, Morven, Meander and Mozie, the children of Mr. and Mrs. Mole. Each child has a particular gift or personality trait which leads her or him into various adventures. The charming illustrations portray exactly how one might imagine a mole family with the usual sibling bickering and teasing, but with genuine love and support at the core of the family. Children and their parents (or grandparents or favorite aunts or uncles or teachers) will share their amusement over the community of meadow citizens and they will enjoy stretching their vocabularies with a mountain of “m” words. This book combines teachable moments and mirth. Marlene Macke

One of the most imaginative children’s books I’ve ever read, Magnificent Moles of Mede Meadow will fascinate my grandnieces and other children and nudge them toward accepting their unique qualities and interests as they read the inspirational adventures of the imaginary mole family. The book instills a playful appreciation of language while expanding the child’s vocabulary. I enjoyed reading this beautifully illustrated book. Elaine Patrick, Retired Librarian

The Mole book is a delight and a triumph! I wish I had had the book as a child. It makes learning new words a fun adventure and gently teaches many valuable lessons about identity, perseverance, the artistic process, diversity, overcoming fears and bullies, and forming happy relationships. The illustrations are wonderful–I love the sense of color and composition. Bravo! Dannah Edwards

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